Quick Start Guide

The S111 SledgeHammer is a wireless remote control belly pack with dual 2-axis joysticks.


The S111 SledgeHammer unit requires a special sequence to power on. This sequence verifies that the start and stop buttons are working correctly prior to operation. It also minimizes any accidental powering-on of the unit.

To power on the SledgeHammer:

  1. Press and hold the RED ESTOP/OFF button
  2. Press and hold the top left GREY button
  3. Release the RED ESTOP/OFF button
  4. Release the GREY button
  5. The SledgeHammer will now display a start-up screen.

Regular flashing GREEN light: Unit turned on but no radio link to receiver.
Solid, or quickly flashing GREEN light: Unit is turned on and linked to a matched receiver.


Pressing the red E-stop button will shut down the S111 SledgeHammer unit. The display on the SledgeHammer will be put into sleep mode and will not draw power from the battery even though there are images being displayed.


To put the S111 SledgeHammer unit into matching mode:

  1. 1. Press and hold the RED ESTOP/OFF button. The RED light should begin to flash.
  2. Press and hold the three lower-left GREY buttons. The GREEN light will turn on and the RED light will begin to flash more quickly.
  3. Release all buttons. The screen will display “Match Mode” followed by firmware information.
  4. Next, put the Receiver into Matching Mode (see below). After attempting to match with a receiver, the screen will show either “Match Failed” or “Match Passed”.


First Method

  1. Apply power to the Receiver.
  2. Momentarily (“blip”) the power off to the Receiver six to seven times (i.e. power off for 1/2 second, power on for one second; six times). Leave the power on after the sixth blip.
  3. The LED on the Receiver will light up a DEEP BLUE colour.
  4. Once matching is complete, the light will change to an intense BLUISH-WHITE colour.

Second Method

  1. Apply power to the Receiver.
  2. There are four magnets on the bottom of the S111 SledgeHammer unit, arranged in two pairs. One pair of magnets has a CAN symbol between them, while the other pair has a USB symbol between them. To trigger matching mode in the Receiver, the magnets of only one of the pairs must be waved over the Aarcomm symbol on the face of the Receiver. (Using one magnet from each pair may not work.)
  3. If the Receiver successfully detects the magnets of the S111, the Receiver light will turn DEEP BLUE.
  4. Once matching is complete, the light will change to an intense BLUISH-WHITE colour.


The Receiver is waterproof and IP67 rated but the recommended mounting location should be protected from weather and vibration.

Receiver Wire Harness Installation
The Receiver comes with a wire harness that is specific to your machine. Fully insert the connector into the bottom of the Receiver and tighten the hex screw (in the C220, do not over tighten) or ensure the latches click into place (in the C200).


The SledgeHammer is waterproof and completely sealed to IP67 rating. For improved reliability, it does not have a removable battery and is charged using the Universal Charging Cradle. The four magnets on the back of the SledgeHammer are only used for alignment and not for electrical contact.

During operation, the RED light will begin to flash when the SledgeHammer should be charged. Place the SledgeHammer on the Universal Charging Cradle to begin charging.

The display will show the charge status; please allow a minute or two for the charge level to be calculated accurately. A battery that is completely discharged will take approximately three hours to charge. The battery can be charged at any time even if it is not depleted. A quick 30-minute charge will allow the SledgeHammer to operate for eight hours. A full battery will last 40 or more hours, depending on the performance setting.

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