SledgeHammer Belly Pack

SLEDGEHAMMER – portable, reliable and robust!


Aarcomm’s portable and long range belly pack radio remote control system is designed for use in demanding environments that require high reliability and robustness.

Built with Aarcomm’s proprietary radio system operating in the 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz unlicensed bands, the SledgeHammer utilizes a proprietary high sensitivity FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) system. This system has been engineered specifically for the industrial workspace to provide seamless wireless connectivity between operators and their equipment.

Kyle Van Gaalen, Bilger Slinger Services

Bay-Lynx Manufacturing – Multicat & Ultralite Stone Spreaders


Hydro Excavators

Combination Sewer Cleaning Machines

Truck Mounted Cranes

Rock Slingers

Concrete Mixers

Heavy Lift Tow Trucks

Simple to Use

The SledgeHammer belly pack radio remote control is simple to use, weatherproof with two 2-axis joysticks +10 buttons, a sunlight readable graphical display and a 3D motion sensor engine for motion-based control functionality.

Power is provided by an internal Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack that can be recharged either with a standard cell phone USB-C charger or an Aarcomm wireless charger. This battery chemistry is environmentally friendly while providing more than 2000 charging cycles, several times more than a standard cellphone battery.

SledgeHammer Features

  • Proprietary high sensitivity 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio.
  • Software based labelling system permits unique button designations and functionality.
  • IP65, IP66, IP67 environmental protection.
  • Wireless charging with > 50 hr battery life.
  • Sunlight readable backlit 3.2″ display.
  • Can store multiple machine configurations for easy setup.

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