Aftermarket Kit

Looking for a better RADIO REMOTE CONTROL?

Trident radio remote controls provide machine operators with proven reliability and superior performance to get the job done — no matter what the conditions.

The Aarcomm Aftermarket Kit (which includes the revolutionary Trident Control System) gets you up and running with the top performing radio remote control on the market. You don’t have to change existing wiring making it very easy to install. Just plug and play and get back to the job at hand.

Plug and play compatibility with Omnex T110/R160/R170 radio remote controls

Both transmitter and receiver are waterproof (IP67 rated)

2-way communication allows for sensor feedback on displays

Ruggedized to withstand the harshest environments

“No Touch” pairing of transmitter and receiver to reduce downtime

Function labels that never fall off or wear out

Out with the old and in with the new

The Aarcomm Aftermarket Kit provides plug and play installation that will have you up and running in 5 minutes. Simply remove your existing receiver, plugin the Aarcomm receiver, and get to work.  It’s as simple as that.

We have built top-notch performance into each system:

More rugged. More reliable. More range. And a whole lot less downtime.


The Trident System is compatible with many brands of hydrovac excavators, combination sewer cleaners, and jetters including Sewer Equipment, Ram-Vac, Foremost, Tornado, Premier, Hi-Vac, Aquatech, GapVax, Vac-con.


The Trident System is compatible with concrete mixer trucks from McNeilus, London Machinery Inc., Con-Tech and line pumps from Putzmeister, Schwing, REED, and more to come in the future.

Get a Trident System configured just for you!

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Learn more about Trident’s features, technical specs and 1-day replacement guarantee.



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