Why Customized Firmware is So Important For Equipment Operators

Aug 26, 2021

The “one-size-fits-all” attitude is a thing of the past! In today’s modern world we are surrounded by advancing technologies from every angle and we at Aarcomm pride ourselves in being a part of such an exciting and ever-changing industry. We are always working on new and innovative designs, product testing and firmware developments so that you can work more efficiently every single day. One of the most important phases of our development process is creating customized firmware in all of our products, in order to meet the unique needs of every company that we work with.

Firmware is the embedded software that provides basic functionalities and instructions for running an electronic device. Customizing the firmware of Aarcomm radio remote control systems allows the end user to access new features and unlock hidden functionalities, all at the press of a button within the palm of your hand!


But how much of an impact can custom firmware actually  have in helping you to complete projects more efficiently?


Operator Safety


One of the things that gives us an edge over other radio remote controls is our ability to provide individualized, built-in safety features on your Aarcomm device. Our technology currently incorporates two built-in motion sensors; a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope to aid in drop detection. The accelerometer measures the change in speed in any direction and the gyroscope measures the angle differential from a specified axis. From this point, we are able to take this technology a step further and either create or adjust the internal logic system according to your preferences.

Let’s say for instance, you want Button A to only activate if Button B is also pushed at the same time; we can do that! If you want Button C to be held down for 5 seconds before engaging; we can do that too!

The value of customized firmware is directly showcased in a scenario where a Trident remote control user had run into an issue, where a hydrovac truck filled to capacity would begin to release the tank of water if the “Door Latch” button had been accidentally engaged. A situation like this could pose a variety of different issues, including lost time and resources, environmental concerns, and most importantly issues surrounding the safety of the operator. In order to solve the problem, Aarcomm’s product development engineers adjusted the firmware to incorporate an intentional 2-step process when it came to unlocking the tank door. Depending on the user’s preferences, we are able to adjust button sequences so that multiple buttons would be used in order to engage a particular high-level function, thereby creating a fail-safe environment for the operator.


Efficiency, Everyday


Here’s a scenario:

You’re at a job site and are about to complete a pump job, one that normally would require two operators to complete; one to manage the truck’s weight sensors and another to control the pump and hose. Your current wireless remote control provides some basic controls of the truck but doesn’t incorporate sensor feedback into the device. This means you’ll have to continuously monitor the truck’s weight by periodically climbing aboard the cab. Not only is this annoying and cumbersome, but it takes time out of your workday.

Does this sound familiar?

Fortunately, we have integrated Air-Weigh LoadMaxx technology into the firmware of all our products, allowing you to see real-time weight feedback during your task at hand, without having to leave the location of the pothole you are digging. With this addition, you are able to track your truck’s gross vehicle weight (GVW) much more efficiently during a hydrovac job. Additionally, our customized firmware can also produce feedback for many other types of essential information. Depending on your truck’s features, or if any additional sensors are installed, Aarcomm remote control systems are equipped to provide real-time feedback on water and vacuum pump pressure, vacuum vibration, temperature and even RPM!


Product Differentiation


Our product development and production teams have created an inspiring repertoire of remote control systems over the years, each with their own unique functionalities for different types of mobile construction and utility equipment jobs. We are able to distinguish our library of products through:

    • Customizing sensor feedback information
    • Outlining multiple machine-type parameters for OEMs
    • Adjusting remote control parameters along with truck parameters
    • Incorporating visual feedback for all buttons
    • Clearly displaying the button sequence to turn on the remote control

Aarcomm takes the care and time required to incorporate these high-level features within our the entirety of our product line, many of which still have not been incorporated into other wireless radio remote control systems, despite the increasing demands and frustrations by today’s equipment operators.


Your Company Logo Here!


We decided to push the envelope once again, this time by incorporating your company’s logo onto the splash screen, whenever your device is turned on! Our customers are deeply involved in customization process of their new remote-control system and we wanted to take that one step further and integrate your company logo into the remote itself. We value taking the time to not just customize, but also personalize every device that we produce!



In the end, our goal is the same as yours; we want you to work smarter, safer and stronger!

Aarcomm’s innovative radio remote control systems are all made with industry frustrations in mind, and our customized firmware bridges that gap to make your workday run more smoothly and more efficiently.

If you’re looking to make an improvement from your current remote-control, consider checking out our Aftermarket Kit page, where you will find more information about how the customizable Trident/TridentX remote control system can step up to the plate and better meet your industry needs. Our risk-free, 30-Day Free Trial of the TridentX system is available now!


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