What Makes TridentX the Most Waterproof Remote Control in the Industry?

Aug 12, 2021

As a longtime partner of the concrete and construction industry with many years of experience, we know the value of time and efficiency during our customers’ workday. We have listened to your feedback and comments and continuously strive to develop better intuitive solutions to very real-world problems and ongoing jobsite frustrations. One of Aarcomm’s most popular products is the Trident/TridentX remote control system. To bridge the gap between wireless technology and the concrete pumping industry, we brought together customizable functionalities, a dependable internal radio for longer range, and weatherproof hardware to house and power the Trident firmware; some of the most important reasons why Aarcomm maintains its place as a leader in the development of innovative, waterproof radio remote controls. 


So, what makes the Trident so reliable and more weather-resistant than other manufacturers?  


The Difference 2 Screws Can Make 

Like many bottled foods or home improvement items, once you break the seal you are limited in time and in what you can do with it. Most often you are confronted with the dilemma of having to either use up the item before it goes bad, or try and repair the damaged item, but it always ends with having to eventually purchase a replacement. This is also true of damaged technology due to vulnerabilities in its design, and we all know that this can get very pricey, especially if your business and customers depend on it.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a device that stands the test of time, of work demand and of the weather? Unlike other radio remote control suppliers, our Trident remote casing is designed to include 6 screws, instead of 4. It seems like a simple addition, but it truly provides much more protection from the elements by strengthening the waterproof seal around the device. In this way, your Trident remote can fall out of your pocket onto pavement, or into a puddle, or can be left out in the rain without compromising the integrity of its waterproof seal.

With this piece of mind, you can carry out your business operations with a sense of security and companionship, knowing that our remotes will always withstand the elements much better.




Building with Better Batteries 

Gone are the days of replaceable batteries, like that old flashlight with the battery compartment that holds three giant D batteries, that for some reason kept dying at the worst possible times, when you needed it the most! Nowadays technology has advanced to bring that same flashlight right there on our cell phones, without a need to change out the battery.

Our Trident/TridentX remotes use a permanent battery pack in much the same way as a cell phone, and there is a specific reason for it. Building Trident remotes with a permanent wireless battery omits the possibility of the battery contacts becoming corroded due to exposure to the elements. The more you open a battery compartment and expose the contacts to your environment, you are unfortunately increasing the chances of those contacts becoming damaged over time. By using a Trident radio remote control, you will never have to worry about damaging the battery compartment and can focus your time and energy on the work in front of you, rather than on the performance of the remote.




Growing a Thick Skin 

Much like our own skin, the Trident remote has a button membrane that protects and helps shield its internal components from the outside world, which lies just underneath the sealed outer casing. While other membranes fail to sustain its waterproofing capabilities over time due to the porous nature of rubber membranes, Trident remotes can withstand moisture for a longer period as compared to other remote control suppliers. But we did not stop there! We also made sure that our button membrane functions well, but that it also feels comfortable to hold and use at any given time.

Just another way that Aarcomm engineers bring together their expertise to build better wireless radio remote controls that not only allow you to work faster and safer, but to work smarter.




Aarcomm’s product development, service, and production teams work hard to build the best waterproof radio remote controls for you and your business by listening and responding to the most prominent pain points in the industry today. The Trident/TridentX remote controls are developed with you and your value for quality work in mind. We don’t want you to be able to work faster, we want you to be able to work smarter, safer, more efficiently and we want you to feel at ease while you do it.

Never worry about whether your current remote control system will withstand the rainy season, the rough and tough environments you encounter on the job, or if the device will still work after it was accidentally dropped in a puddle.


Have greater confidence with Aarcomm technology by your side and consider adding the Trident/TridentX remote to your toolkit with our no-risk Free Trial offer! 

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