What Happens When You Run Over The Trident With A Mixer Truck

Dec 15, 2021

Quality and Performance is at the top of our list when it comes to our core values at Aarcomm. We work hard to produce quality remote controls for operators through dedicated research, development and product testing, ensuring the highest level of functionality for operators and their varying weather and work conditions.

We are constantly working to raise the bar, striving to find more and more ways to improve our already ruggedized remote controls, such as our advancements to the original “Trident” remote control over the years. Our work builds up to the moments where we put our products through rigorous quality testing, examining the capabilities of our remote controls such as the durability of mechanical casing under pressure.

While our products are top of the line when it comes to its external casing and mechanical design, there are times when warranty repairs involve maintenance to certain exterior and interior components.

Through our own product testing and research, we’ve developed a list of criteria that help to determine the cause of such damage, like the damage that occurs when you accidentally run over the remote with your mobile construction equipment such as a concrete mixer.





Back in the Summer of 2021, our Aarcomm team visited a local concrete ready mix business called Graestone Ready Mix, (located in British Columbia, Canada)  who graciously helped us out with some of our Trident remote quality testing. With 4 fully functioning Tridents in hand, we ran over each remote and documented any resulting damages.


Aarcomm prepares to run over the Trident remote by placing it directly under a Concrete Mixer Truck tire 


A concrete mixer truck weighs about 70,000 lbs before it is even loaded with concrete. Combined with 13 yards of material, the truck can reach a gross vehicle weight of around 95,000 lbs. That’s the equivalent of 7 elephants for an empty truck, or an adult blue whale for a truck filled with concrete!!

We couldn’t think of anything better to test the durability of our Trident radio remote control! After a few hours of testing, we had everything that we needed and proceeded to examine the damages.





A Concrete Mixer Truck has run over the Trident remote control. The Trident is shown laying on a concrete floor next to the truck's tire after being run over.


Through our durability testing we were able to develop the following list of key identifiers that a Trident remote was run over by a large truck like a concrete mixer.



  • Exterior casing is deformed – Causing the seams to break along the sides
  • Blackened LCD screen



  • Radio circuit board is bent – No response
  • Cracked Inductor housing
  • Bent Zif board / Detached Standoffs from Zif board
  • Bent Connectors


Despite some of these signs that a Trident was potentially run over by a large truck, some of the remotes were still fully functional, needing minimal repairs such as to the LCD screen or a misaligned case! A true testament to the strength behind our product design, withstanding the weight and pressure from a moving concrete mixer!





The value of product testing and quality assurance cannot be understated when it comes to technology used in demanding and dangerous contexts like a construction site. A poor-quality product could mean the difference between finishing a project early, saving time and money on logistics or the wellbeing of an employee.

By putting the Trident to the task of withstanding the crushing weight of a concrete mixer truck, we were able to examine the physical impact of the weight on our product design, to learn how to improve our products for operators and how to make repairs more efficiently for a faster RMA turnaround, allowing our users to get back to the work at hand as soon as possible with the least amount of downtime.





Rest easy knowing that you have the best tools to help you work better, safer and more efficiently. The Trident’s superior customer support, proven reliability and rugged design are just a few of the reasons why machine operators more and more are preferring Aarcomm technology to get the job done in any weather or work condition.


But don’t take our word for it!


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