What Are The Advantages of Aarcomm’s Wireless Charging?

Sep 15, 2021

With wireless technology becoming more integrated into almost every industry, there also comes many different approaches to improving that technology, particularly for wireless charging. A lot of mobile construction equipment use remote controls, some which use replaceable, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries and others that require you to disconnect the battery from the remote control in order to recharge. As mentioned in a previous Aarcomm blog post, this increases the risk of corroding the battery components by exposing the battery contacts to moisture and other risk factors in the environment. With Aarcomm radio remote controls, we work hard to create well-rounded, reliable and long-lasting devices by minimizing these risk factors at the very beginning, through our product designs.

There are a range of advantages when choosing an Aarcomm radio remote control system for your equipment that stretch beyond the scope of the remote control itself.




The name says it all! Wireless charging enables the user to go about their daily activities using less wires, making your work more convenient by eliminating unnecessary steps to get your remote ready for the next job. It also makes recharging the remotes a lot easier to access, as the operator can simply place the remote onto the wireless charging cradle, walk away and forget about it. The magnets embedded in the back of our remote controls and in the charging cradle primarily serve to align the inductive charging coils inside both devices, enabling charging. They also help the operator by self-aligning and snapping both devices into place so that you don’t need to worry about properly lining up the contacts each time the battery runs down.

Another advantage that wireless charging has is in its rechargeability. There is no need to purchase and replace batteries when they run out! The battery chemistry used in Aarcomm devices is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) which has its own suite of advantages over other types of batteries. Not only do the batteries in our remote controls have a greater capacity and a higher tolerance for wide temperature ranges, they are also considered permanent batteries. You will never need to replace an Aarcomm battery and can always count on its performance in environments you need it most!


Less Wear & Tear


Whether you’re plugging and unplugging a direct power cord into the charging port of your remote, or you’re detaching the battery for every charge, it all contributes to the depletion of the tools needed to maintain the life of your remote control system, causing you to replace these individual items which could break down at any point after a certain amount of erosion and weathering.

As many operators have already experienced, this could lead to a job being delayed, time wasted or bringing in additional operators to fill the gaps made by a remote out of commission. Our solution to this common problem was to design our products with integrated batteries inside each device. This lack of a battery compartment not only saves the battery contacts from environmental corrosion and dirt, but there is also less entry points for water to make its way into the delicate internal components beyond the battery compartment. This will undeniably prolong the life of your device and will lead to less downtime and operator frustrations.


Working With Current Technologies


We are always growing! One of the reasons that Aarcomm remote users love our products so much is that we continuously strive to build radio remote controls that use the most up-to-date technologies available today. We embrace the ever-changing digital landscape and love finding better ways to provide you with safety, efficiency and unbeatable reliability that machine operators need the most.

Another way Aarcomm keeps up with other modernizing companies and industries is through the incorporation of Qi (pronounced “chee”) Standard wireless charging chipsets in all of our remote control devices. Because of this, operators can have an added perk of charging most Android cell phones (and iPhone 12) on the Aarcomm charging cradle, as long as the phone is manually aligned properly. Just grab your remote control when you’re ready to begin your workday and replace it with your cellphone!



Making the daily life of a machine operator a little easier is our main goal and we work together to ensure that we use the best technology available to us, which all contributes to a better performing, more reliable and trusted industrial remote control.

You can learn more by visiting our Products page on our website! Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming developments at Aarcomm Systems; we just may have more wireless charging solutions in store for you in the new year!!


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