Unique Partnership is Revolutionizing Excavation

Dec 11, 2018

Hydrovac excavation is quickly becoming the preferred method for trenching and daylighting. The process is efficient, but safety concerns and keeping hydrovacs within legal weight limits have remained a challenge within the industry.

A Game Changing Collaboration

Two technology companies dedicated to providing products and solutions to the transportation industry, Air-Weigh and Aarcomm, brought their teams together to address these issues head on. The result is changing how hydrovac teams operate in the field.

Aarcomm’s ruggedized radio remote control and smart dig wand system utilizes the latest motion sensing technology, programmable LCD screens, and a unique dead-man’s switch to enable job site safety and efficiency.

Air-Weigh’s LoadMaxx digital scale enables operators to track in real time how quickly their trucks are filling up. While providing the accuracy required, the challenge for operators is that they were unable to monitor the scale while operating the hydrovac.

An integration that delivers

The integration of the two products enables hydrovac operators to see the Air-Weigh scale directly on the Aarcomm remote LCD screen as the hydrovac runs.

“This combination is far more efficient for operators loading the trucks,” says Michael Ferguson from Air-Weigh. “It allows them to maximize each load, eliminate underloading, and prevents fines for overloading.”

“When the Smart Dig Wand is added to the system, safety concerns are also eliminated,” adds Doug Graham from Aarcomm. “The technology we’ve used puts safety measures in place to prevent accidents from happening.”

The Air-Weigh/Aarcomm combination creates a less intense work environment where operators can simply remain stationary and direct the machinery, focussing on the job at hand with all required information at their fingertips.

“It’s going to become a standard for the industry, not just a high-tech feature only a few can utilize,” says Cal Block of Foremost. “This is an industry-leading initiative.”

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