The SledgeHammer for Hydrovacs & Combination Sewer Cleaners

Apr 20, 2022

When controlling a Hydro Excavator or a Combination Sewer Cleaning Machine using remote controls, operators can have different opinions on what mechanical form factor works best for the type of work at hand, and for the environments operators often find themselves in. While some operators like to work with handheld remote controls, others prefer to work with belly packs to control their mobile equipment.

For those who prefer the proportional control of joysticks, Aarcomm has designed the SledgeHammer belly pack transmitter, allowing hydrovac and combo truck operators the freedom of motion with the same trusted efficiency and functionality of our Trident/TridentX handheld radio remote control systems.




Aarcomm Systems provides a choice for Hydrovac and Combo truck operators. Our patented proportional control using internal motion sensors is available for those who prefer to control movement using handhelds with buttons. Alternatively, for those who prefer not to use pitch and roll motion, our SledgeHammer belly pack transmitter features two 2-axis joysticks to control proportional valves, powered by a 3D motion sensor engine for motion-based functionality.

On top of this, the expert design of the SledgeHammer features fantastic impact resistance while remaining lightweight, making it one tough contender for operators requiring the highest durability, flexibility, and robustness in their radio remote controls.





When it comes to some of the other features of the SledgeHammer, you can be confident that the same reliable technology from the Trident(X) is also built into our 2-axis belly pack.

The SledgeHammer features a 2-way radio and operates in the 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz unlicensed bands, providing seamless wireless connectivity between operators and their equipment. Its narrow-band, high-performance internal radio uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, ensuring miles of range and interference-free operation, allowing operators to complete tasks without disruption and increasing overall efficiency.





SledgeHammer systems are built to thrive in the harshest environments with it’s tried-and-true, durable design and are made for use in a range of demanding applications, like hydro excavation. Superior weather and impact resistance extends the life of the belly pack controller and allows operators to keep working without the frustrations of leaky remotes, damaged casings or service repairs.

The receiver has up to 20 Input/Output combinations (both digital and proportional), and an E-Stop output for emergency shutdown, allowing hydrovac and combo truck operators to always have fluid communication with their vehicle. Combined with two 2-axis joysticks, 10 buttons with custom button mapping, a 3D motion sensor engine and a 3.2″ sunlight readable graphical display, operators can be confident that the SledgeHammer will get the job done with no downtime and no nonsense!




At Aarcomm, we’re all about making the lives of operators better by designing radio remote controls that not only offer the best performance and reliability, but also the best usability. We all know that time is money, and when there’s work to be done you need a remote control that you can trust, that can stand up to the test and be your right-hand man.

One of the ways that Aarcomm improves usability for operators is through building remote controls that can store multiple machine configurations at one time, enabling easy setup for different truck manufacturers. This is a fantastic feature for fleet owners who own more than one brand of hydro excavator or combo truck!

In the context of the construction or utility industries, the benefits of wireless charging cannot be disputed. Power to the SledgeHammer is provided by an internal Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack that can be recharged either with a standard cell phone USB-C charging cable or Aarcomm’s Universal wireless charging cradle. With more than 50 hours of charge, the battery chemistry is environmentally friendly and provides more than 2000 charging cycles – several times more than a standard cellphone battery!



Between superior performance, unmatched durability and ease of operation, the SledgeHammer belly back gives operators of hydro excavators and combination sewer cleaning trucks an option for motion-based control, miles of wireless range and the freedom of movement, function, and resilience.

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