Welcome back to the Aarcomm Blog! Our radio remote controls serve a variety of equipment, brands, and industries, but we want to make sure your overall experience with Aarcomm is custom-tailored to address your needs. After all, every remote is custom programmed for your application requirements.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach!

We always ask potential clients these few questions to start:

  1.  What type of equipment do you operate?
  2.  What is the brand name and model of equipment you use?
  3.  Which functions are controlled by your remote control?
  4.  What brand of radio remote are you currently using?
  5.  What do you like/dislike about your current remote-control brand?

Wait…. We don’t have an aftermarket kit for your make/model yet?

The Trident; our best seller!

There are some clear indicators of what would be right for you based on this information; for example, if you have issues with range and losing connectivity in buildings, the TridentX would be perfect for your operation. If you require quite a few functions and say, 2-4 proportional functions, the Sledgehammer belly pack might be something you prefer to the Trident handheld.

The most popular solution would be the Trident- it’s universal, was our first ever product, and is still our top seller. The Trident works on a wide variety of equipment and manufacturers; with superior range and connectivity, the Trident works effectively and feels durable, while still being comfortable to use.

If we do not have your make and model of machine ready to go, in that case we will ask for the following:

  1.  A picture of your handheld or belly pack; [this will give us the number of functions that you require]
  2.  A copy of your existing remote control user manual; [this will potentially give us the receiver pinout and a description of any custom logic required]
  3.  A copy of their equipment wiring diagram; [this will potentially give us the pinout of the connector on the equipment’s control panel]

The pictures and user manuals provided will guide us to select the right option for you.

Our bellypack, the SledgeHammer!

Our bellypack, the SledgeHammer!


Although we are confident in the capabilities of our products, feel free to reach out with your specific needs and wants in a remote, and we can help you find the best option for your business!

Looking to learn more? Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.604.9218 or send us an email to sales@aarcomm.com !