How To Use The Configuration Mode On The Trident/TridentX

Nov 24, 2021

From the perspective of product development, there are a lot of different elements that go into writing firmware and programming functions on industrial radio remote controls in order to enable seamless operation of mobile construction equipment. From the perspective of an operator, it’s incredibly important to have these functionalities while ensuring a smooth user experience. A distinction that makes Aarcomm technology the preferred solution for wireless control is our focus on the user experience and flexibility of our remote controls. Through accessing the Configuration Mode on our handheld and belly pack remote systems (such as the Trident), Aarcomm provides fleet owners and operators the ability to easily configure many parameters and functions themselves, depending on the job at hand or operator preference.

For Trident/TridentX users, programming your remote control is simple and straight-forward with the help of on-screen prompts displayed on 2 sunlight-readable and front lit LCD screens. Many system settings and parameters can be changed directly from the handheld unit itself, such as strength of radio performance, machine type, LCD brightness and even the duration of the lit screen for nightshifts!





Accessing the Configuration Mode on your Trident remote is simple and very user-friendly. In fact, our clients are always surprised by how easy it is to configure themselves!

Within Configuration Mode menu, a series of parameters will be displayed on screen that can be individually adjusted to make your workday run more efficiently and allowing for more flexibility to better meet the demands of a particular jobsite.

Before accessing the Configuration Mode, make sure the H212 handheld is powered OFF first. Then simply follow the steps below to access all adjustable parameters.





  1. Press and hold Red
  2. Press and hold Green
  3. Release Red
  4. Continue holding Green for 5 more seconds until the two LEDs stop blinking and turn SOLID
  5. Release Green

Some systems will require a password. Please contact our support team for details.

​​PLEASE NOTE: Do Not continue to hold the green button after the red led turns solid or else you may not be able to save any settings.




You should now be in the Configuration Mode!

  • The Left & Right buttons allows you to scroll through the list of available settings.
  • Up/Down selects the options for each setting.



You can view all adjustable parameters for the Trident/TridentX remote in our helpful table below!
All of these parameters can be programmed onto your remote control and can later be adjusted by the operator.



Once you are satisfied, press Green to save your options or Red to cancel and exit. After saving, exit the Configuration Mode by pressing Red.

When you’re ready to use your remote with the newly adjusted settings, simply power up the system as you normally would, and your new parameter settings will be active!



At Aarcomm, we take pride in our dedication to customer success as an essential component of our goal to make lives better within the construction and utility industries. The simple flexibility designed into the interface of our remote controls allows operators to have greater confidence and control of their work and equipment.

More complex changes to settings beyond the Configuration Mode menu will require you to upgrade the firmware via USB using the software that we provide. If assistance is required, our customer service team is always standing by and ready to help you when needed.


More information about Trident/TridentX specifications and features, customers and our 30-Day Free Trial offer can be found here.

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