How to Install an Alarm to the Dual Charging Cradle

Mar 30, 2022

When it comes to charging Aarcomm radio remote controls, operators currently can turn to our Dual Charging Cradle for wireless charging of their Trident handhelds or Smart Dig Wand dead man switch. We continue to make improvements to our suite of products and are hard at work developing our next generation of rugged and reliable radio remote controls. One of these new product upgrades will come in the form of our new Universal Charger, set for official release this year. While one of the main upgrades to take place will be a built-in alarm feature into the Universal Charger, Aarcomm remote users currently using the Dual Charging Cradle are required to install an alarm to the charger externally. Equipment operators can follow the steps below to install an alarm to the Dual Charging Cradle, using the built-in wiring provided with the charger.





The Dual Charging Cradle is designed to be connected directly to a vehicle’s battery system and can be configured to provide an alarm if the handheld unit is not attached to the charger. The charger is equipped with 4 wires to carry various I/O signals and is compatible with both the Trident H212 and the Smart Dig Wand H106.







12V or 24V





Alarm Enable

Connect to battery to enable alarm. Can be left unconnected if unused.


Alarm Output

If the Alarm Enable is connected to the battery, the Alarm Output will output the battery voltage if the handheld is NOT attached to the charger. If the handheld is on the charger, the Alarm Output wire will be at 0V. This output can provide up to 500mA.





The use of the Alarm Output wire (green) is optional and is enabled by connecting the Alarm Enable wire (yellow) to the battery voltage. If the handheld is not on the charger, the Alarm Output wire (green) will provide battery voltage. This can be used to power an LED, buzzer, or a relay.

For example, the Alarm Enable wire can be hooked up to an input, such as the parking brake. In this instance, the alarm will only go off if the remote is not in the charger and the parking break is not engaged. The Alarm Output wire (green) can also be split to power multiple alarm devices at the same time, such as a light and a buzzer.





Through our product development and from hearing real feedback from operators in the field, we’ve seen the importance of providing an alarm feature to aid in loss prevention and help operators to keep track of their wireless remote controls.

Installing an alarm to your charger is essential for those who tend to forget their remote on a jobsite or leave the remote stuck to the side of their truck via the built-in magnets in our handhelds.

While installing an alarm to the Dual Charging Cradle is fairly straight-forward, it takes time, and the additional wiring can add to clutter in a truck. Our product engineers have been working to enhance the functionality of our charger and make daily tasks easier for equipment operators, which is why our new Universal Charger will sport an integrated alarm light and buzzer, with options to silence for varying amounts of time!




You can see the alarm feature on the Dual Charging Cradle in action in our video about the Trident! ▶️

Find more information and documentation about the Dual Charging Cradle on the Trident and Smart Dig Wand web pages.

Give us a call at 1.800.604.9218 for any further questions about the Dual Charging Cradle Alarm feature or to learn about our upcoming release of the Universal Charger!



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