How Hydrovac Operators Can Avoid Fines for Being Too Heavy

Oct 6, 2021

There are many types of technology for such in-demand industries as construction and wastewater management, and they all have their own benefits! From tangible tools used in physical work to intuitive software used to manage data, they all help to provide the best solutions for the job, including tools used in maintaining safe operations such as Air-Weigh On-Board Scales.

From the very beginning, Aarcomm has been designing technology like the Trident remote with room to expand, allowing operators to work more efficiently and comply with safety regulations. Our partnership with Air-Weigh allows fleet managers to equip trucks with all of the right solutions for efficiency and safety compliance without worrying about compatibility or usability issues for operators.

One of the most frustrating experiences for hydrovac operators involves accidentally overfilling the truck so that it no longer comply with the Department of Transportation. Without the right tools in hand or the appropriate number of employees assigned to the job, going over the weight limit is easy to do and could lead to fines which are not only expensive but also contributes to more downtime. Luckily the technology already exists to help avoid those fines and stay within provincial guidelines, through introducing Aarcomm radio remote controls and Air-Weigh mobile weigh scales to your hydrovac fleet.

Interfacing Air-Weigh Loadmaxx systems to a Trident remote is easy! Hydrovac operators can follow the step-by-step guide below to add weight readout to a Trident remote, giving you more of the best tools you need the most, all in the palm of your hand.



Adding Air-Weigh Mobile Weigh Scale Readout to your Aarcomm Remote


Before getting into the nitty gritty of installing Air-Weigh readout to your Trident, the first thing to determine is whether your C220 receiver supports CANbus communication.

Simply send your C220 receiver part number and serial number to your hydrovac body builder, or email and we will help to determine whether your C220 receiver has a CANbus communication module.


You may need to replace some components, depending on if your current receiver is equipped to transmit both incoming and outgoing data, such as:

  1. Replacing your C220 IO only receiver with a C220 CAN+IO receiver
  2. Replacing your wire harness with one that has dedicated CANbus wires (CAN+ wire & CAN- wire) or adding two wires for CAN+ and CAN-
  3. Obtaining the wire harness that plugs into the J1939 port on the Air-Weigh Loadmax box
    • Harnesses that plug into Air-Weigh LoadMaxx J1939 port

      • Aarcomm part#PHE-60001-18 – 18” blunt cut cable with termination resistor.

      • Aarcomm part#PHE-60001-360 – 30’ blunt cut cable with termination resistor

Your hydrovac bodybuilder or dealer will supply you with the appropriate C220 CAN+IO receiver part number and the appropriate Aarcomm wire harness part number with dedicated CAN wires.


Obtain and install the appropriate C220 CAN+IO receiver with the PHE-8xxxx-xx CAN+IO wire harness or add CAN+ and CAN- wires. 


Plug the PHE-60001-18 or PHE-60001-360 in the CAN J1939 port on the LoadMaxx box.


Tie the CAN+ wire on the PHE-60001-18 or PHE-60001-360 to the CAN+ wire on the PHE-8xxxx-xx CAN+IO wire harness.


Tie the CAN- wire on the PHE-60001-18 or PHE-60001-360 to the CAN- wire on the PHE-8xxxx-xx CAN+IO wire harness.


Pair the H212 Trident handheld controller with the new C220 CAN+IO receiver.


Go into the configuration mode on the H212 Trident handheld to change the parameters related to the Air-Weigh readout


Go to the “Loadmaxx” parameter and make sure it is set to “Enabled” rather than “Disabled”. Press the green button to “Save” after you make any changes.


Go to the “Units” parameter to set to either “kgs” for kilograms or “lbs” for pounds. Press the green button to “Save” after you make any changes.


Press the red button to exit configuration mode


Cycle the power to the C220 receiver and then turn on your H212 handheld.


Now you’re all ready to go!


Start the job off right from the very beginning! With both Aarcomm radio remote controls and Air-Weigh On-Board Scales on your side, you’ll never underfill or overfill your tank again. Operators can reap the benefits of increased productivity and completing a job independently, without needing another set of eyes on the truck to uphold safety compliance. Put your faith in Air-Weigh scale feedback displayed on your Trident remote control to better manage each job in real-time, and save time, money and resources in the process. 


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