How Aarcomm Provides Smarter Trenching Operations

Jun 15, 2022

There are many different types of hazards for operators working in the utility and hydro excavation industries. Some of these hazards can include injuries caused by equipment, trenches caving in or collapsing causing workers to become trapped or injured or contact with buried service lines such as electrical, natural gas, water or sewage lines. Fortunately, with the advancement of radio remote control technologies used with heavy and hazardous trenching equipment, controlling equipment can be done from a distance – thus helping to protect operator wellbeing by allowing the operator to maintain a safer distance from the hazardous activity. When it comes to Aarcomm radio remote control systems, the Smart Dig Wand, Trident and SledgeHammer all help machine operators in the utility and hydro excavation industries to reliably control their trenching equipment from a distance.

The foundation of Aarcomm radio remote control technologies was built on engineering excellence and a long track record of proven reliability within the demanding industrial sector. With our high-performance radio and intuitive programmable logic system, our remote controls provide seamless wireless connectivity between operators and their equipment, and enhances efficiency by working with the everyday physics associated with trenching operations.



Our Smart Dig Wand is a great example of  how our internal logic works with the physics of hydro jetting. The wireless dead man’s switch is a motion-sensing remote control that is mounted on the hydrovac dig wand and automatically detects drops or unsafe motion by using a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. These two built-in motion sensors measure change in speed, such as if a high pressure dig wand were to suddenly shoot out of an operators hands, and the difference in angle from a specified axis, such as tilting the dig wand beyond a specified safe angle.

With this intuitive remote control switch, operators are able to conduct smarter trenching operations and can have more peace of mind when doing hazardous work or operating dangerous, heavy equipment.






The Trident is another Aarcomm remote control that helps to promote smarter hydro excavation and trenching operations because of its customizable internal logic. While our Smart Dig Wand enhances operator wellbeing by providing an “automatic” component to operations, our Trident can enhance wellbeing by intentionally adding a 2-step process to major remote control functions, such as the “Door Latch” function.

Far too many times operators find themselves in situations where an accidental button-press on their wireless remote control has a major implication on the job site. With Aarcomm engineering we are able to customize the internal logic to require a multi-step process to unlock the tank door on a hydrovac truck. This would then eliminate the chances of the “Door Latch” button being accidentally engaged, avoiding lost time, resources and most of all accidental injury incidents.

To add to these fail-safe measures, all Aarcomm remote controls are built with a high-sensitivity, frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio which provides reliable connectivity between operators and their machine. Rest easy knowing that your trenching work can run smoothly and efficiently using our wireless remote controls to operate equipment from a distance, no matter the unique conditions or urban landscapes you may find yourself in!




Smarter trenching operations are becoming more important with the constant changes & innovations in the utility and hydro excavation industries. With Aarcomm technology by your side you can have more confidence in your day-to-day operations and have peace of mind in your technology toolkit!

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