Article: Aarcomm’s Collaboration with FLEx

Feb 21, 2020

[Reposted from our friends at FLEx]

Aarcomm Systems is known for innovative industrial remote control devices that can withstand harsh elements and rough handling. Their waste management client needed a device with technology that elevated them above their low-cost competition and avoid costly regulatory risks.

The device needed to operate multiple heavy, hydraulic machines and read advanced logistical sensors. It also needed to hold a charge for days and work in both direct sunlight as well as total darkness. They struggled to create a light for their display (typically the most power-hungry element) that was durable and used less power. They tried to make it themselves—then they discovered FLEx…

Read the full article posted on FLEx’s website: The Aarcomm Trident: The Hardest Working Industrial Device Frontlit by FLEx

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