Aarcomm to Launch JackHammer Remote Control at CCE2022

May 4, 2022

Aarcomm Systems is heading to another trade show! This time we’ll be at the Canadian Concrete Expo 2022 at Booth 2556 from May 18-19 in Toronto, Canada, where we will be showcasing our series of high performance, reliable wireless remote controls used for concrete mixer trucks, line pumps and now also concrete boom pumps! While this won’t be our first post-pandemic trade show, it sure feels like it is to us! Our team is itching to present to the world; the JackHammer, our brand-new belly pack transceiver for Concrete Boom Pumps that is sure to quickly become the industry’s new performance leader for boom pump control.



The Canadian Concrete Expo is the only national trade show in Canada dedicated to the Concrete, Aggregates and Construction Industries with over 300 national and international exhibitors. This year will mark Aarcomm’s second year attending the CCE, but our first time launching a new product at the show! Despite facing ongoing shipping and supply chain challenges (a post-pandemic pain that many of us are feeling right now) we’ve managed to focus our efforts on perfecting the JackHammer’s design, internal logic and mechanical engineering for it’s planned 2022 release!

Our team is proud to showcase our new JackHammer remote control at Booth 2556 during the Canadian Concrete Expo this May 2022!




The road to building and perfecting the JackHammer has been an interesting and insightful one. With new challenges to concur and exciting ideas to engineer, our team were eager to get to building!

Before the onset of the pandemic, the initial conception of the JackHammer began with pinpointing the best mechanical concept for Concrete Boom Pump operators and the concrete industry at large. To do this our team went through multiple 3D prints and research trials to help determine the best approach to our product design.

By the time we finished our JackHammer design, the pandemic had made its way around the globe. Despite the challenges faced by infrastructure and technology industries, our expert team completed the design with limited engineering resources during the pandemic market downturn.





We’ve come a long way in our story of becoming an industry leader in industrial radio remote control technology. Aarcomm’s journey began with the creation of the Trident handheld remote control for hydro excavation equipment, later moving toward concrete mixer truck applications and eventually to the extreme range TridentX for Concrete Line Pumps.

Here are two Aarcomm team members from the 2019 Canadian Concrete Expo showcasing our TridentX for line pumps, right before the pandemic first began. (is it just us, or does 2019 feel like it was AGES ago?!)




Excitement is in the air at Aarcomm Systems!

Check out the release of the JackHammer remote control at Aarcomm Booth 2556 during the Canadian Concrete Expo to get a first-hand look at the industry’s new performance leader!

For more information, reach out to 1.800.604.9218 or get in touch with sales@aarcomm.com



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