Aarcomm Systems To Attend WWETT22!

Feb 16, 2022

The use of radio remote control technology in the water & wastewater industries are becoming more and more popular these days – and for good reason! Operators who use radio remote controls see enhanced safety and productivity as well as decreased downtime, all while saving money and valuable resources in the process. Our wireless technology experts at Aarcomm Systems are constantly looking for new ways to improve our suite of products in order to strengthen the success of our customers. For this year’s WWETT22 Show, Aarcomm is excited to showcase our proven reliable suite of remote controls for Hydrovacs, Combo Trucks and Jetters, and to introduce our newest addition to the Trident ecosystem, called “Report Card”.



What’s New for WWETT22?


The WWETT Show is less than a week away and we’re so excited to get back to doing business in person again! In the past 2 years we have been working on developing whole new solutions for equipment operators, as well as enhancing customer success through growing our Aarcomm team and further developing a variety of support materials for our customers. With our track record for innovation, we’re expanding our horizons once again with the inclusion of “Report Card”, our new industrial Remote Monitoring and Analysis tool that integrates with our “Trident” and “Smart Dig Wand” system to enhance your fleet with remote monitoring and analytics to help deliver you ultimate peace of mind.




Enhancements to the Trident/TridentX


Along with our new additions to our rugged and reliable wireless remote control products, we’ve also made many improvements to our existing technology. One of these most important updates have been to the radio performance of the Trident handheld, which is referred to as TridentX. (X is for eXtreme range, up to 250mW of transmit output power). Part of what makes the Trident the best radio remote control in the industry is due to its flexibility when it comes to the different kinds of jobsites that operators often encounter.

Operators may find themselves on job sites obstructed by large concrete buildings or having to deal with carrying out big tasks on even bigger sites. This is where the TridentX shines! Our product development team has stepped in to make operators’ lives better and have increased the Tx Power of the H212 handheld, allowing operators to adjust performance settings to suite their needs directly on the remote via our easy-to-use Configuration Menu.


Smart Dig Wand. Efficient Hydrovac Operations.


Our Smart Dig Wand wireless dead man’s switch is the second component of our Trident “power trio”, all of which to be showcased at WWETT22. Designed for operators of hydro excavation equipment, the Smart Dig Wand provides operators with more efficiency by using its built-in motion sensors to detect drops or loss of control of the dig wand, while also providing hands-free operation and quick plug-n-play installation. Using the Trident/TridentX and the Smart Dig Wand together has been proven time and time again to reduce workplace injuries and enhance operator wellbeing, while also saving time, resources and helping to avoid the various consequences of workplace accidents.


Visit Aarcomm Booth 7031!


Aarcomm Systems will be exhibiting at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show next week at the Indiana Convention Centre from February 22nd – 24th, where we will be showcasing our series of rugged and reliable wireless remote controls used in daylighting and the removal & disposal of fluids.

Visit Aarcomm Booth 7031 to learn more about our trusted remote control solutions, our superior customer support and warranty service, and how our products can help improve the successes of your company and your clients.

Don’t forget to ask us about our strategic partnership with Air-Weigh On Board Scales! Visit Air-Weigh Booth 7033 (next to Aarcomm Booth 7031) to learn more about LoadMaxx scales and it’s integration with Aarcomm’s Trident/TridentX radio remote controls.



For more information, contact us at sales@aarcomm.com or call 1.800.604.9218 to ask about how Aarcomm can increase the overall efficiency of your hydro excavation operations!


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