Aarcomm Systems: A Pandemic in Review

Jan 5, 2022

It’s been a long time since the last World of Concrete, and we all have been through a lot of ups and downs and have experienced a lot of uncertainty in the past 2 years. Our team at Aarcomm is eager to get back into the swing of things, to see everyone again at the World of Concrete show and to show off all of what we’ve been working on these past couple of years!

With a brand-new year comes an opportunity for a brand-new outlook, and we are hopeful that we will all be able to get back to our normal lives sooner than later! Despite the challenges of the past couple of years, our dedicated teams pushed forward and focused on developing new, better, wireless solutions for mobile construction & utility equipment operators. With 2 years of research, design and development behind us, our new products for operators cover everything from a whole new control system for boom pump operators, better wireless charging for Aarcomm’s suite of remote controls and a brand new IoT solution for fleet management!

While we gear up for the first trade show of the year 2022, we’d like to take a moment to review, reflect and to share some highlights from the past 2 years that have brought us to where we are today!





One of the biggest challenges we all faced during the pandemic was the impacts of so much uncertainty on all of our businesses. Despite this, Aarcomm pushed through the hurdles of the first year of the pandemic and was fortunate to have worked with so many other local and international companies to help improve their daily operations.






During the summer of 2021, our Sales and Marketing team visited Graestone Ready Mix (located in British Columbia, Canada) who graciously assisted us with some durability testing of the ruggedized Trident remote control, as well as with filming our series of “How To” videos, showing operators how to install and operate the Trident on a concrete mixer truck.

Here’s a few snaps from our day of filming and testing at Graestone Ready Mix!






Along with our established suite of reliable remote control systems, our research and product development teams have worked hard to further push the envelope in innovation and technological efficiency, once again improving the daily operations of equipment operators. With not just one, but TWO new products for concrete pump operators, our Aarcomm team is extremely excited to share them both with the world in our latest product launch at World of Concrete 2022 in just a few weeks!

With more product testing comes better improvements to help make our technology more powerful, user-friendly, intuitive, customizable and efficient. Here’s a few snaps of our team taking our brand new boom pump controller in the field for the first time this summer!






Like many other businesses these past couple of years, we’ve seen many ups and downs in the face of the global pandemic, including ongoing supply chain shortages which has impacted everyone around the world in some way or another. Aarcomm remains dedicated to providing the best radio remote controls in the industry and to developing new solutions for the growing and ever-changing demands within the mobile construction and utility sectors. Despite the challenges arising from the global supply chain, Aarcomm has remained focused on developing and providing the solutions needed most for our customers. Here is a quick snapshot of our Smart Dig Wands being prepared for shipment!





Like all of us, our ongoing global situation has presented many different types of challenges over the past 2 years, but through the resilience of each and every one of our team members, we were able to provide the best solutions in the industry at the same time as developing new solutions for tomorrow’s operator.


We’re so excited to be attending World of Concrete 2022 this year, to see some new and familiar faces, and to share our latest developments with everyone at the show!

Stop by BOOTH W1073 in the West Hall during the show to see our newest products first-hand. Whether you’re looking to introduce radio remote controls to your fleet for the very first time or you’re looking to upgrade your current wireless control system, be sure to visit BOOTH W1073 from January 18 – 20 to learn more about how Aarcomm can improve your daily concrete operations.

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