Matching Instructions

Matching Instructions

Here are two videos that show how to match the H212 with C220. The first method uses the magnets on the H212 handheld. The second method uses a power switch that is connected to the C220.

How to match using the magnets (Method 1):

To match an H212 transmitter with a C220 receiver, you must get both units into match mode.

To get the C220 receiver into match mode, follow these instructions:

There are two magnets on the back of the H212 handheld and we have a sensor under the Aarcomm logo at the top left corner of the C220 receiver. Waive the two magnets across the sensor under the logo up to 5 or 6 times. The light on the receiver will change from a white / light blue colour to a dark blue when C220 receiver is put into match mode.

Once the C220 receiver is in match mode, it is time to put the H212 transmitter into match mode. To do this:

  1. Hold down the red button. When the red button is held down, you will see the red LED go on.
  2. Then, with your other hand, hold down the three circular buttons to the left of the red button and this will cause the green LED to go on.
  3. When both the red and green LEDs are on, take your fingers and thumb off the buttons. The top screen will then say, “match mode” and then a few seconds later “match mode successful.

Turn off the receiver and then turn both the handheld and the receiver on again. Your system is now ready to operate.

If you see “Match Failed”, it could mean:

The C220 was not powered on or did not enter match mode (the C220 is in match mode when the LED is dark blue), and the H212 waited too long and timed out after 60 seconds. When the H212 is put into match mode, it should match with a C220 that is in match mode within a few seconds.
There is incompatible software on the H212 and C220. Please contact our support team for further assistance.


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