Trident Industrial Radio Remote Control System

Trident is ideal for all your industrial mobile equipment

The Trident industrial radio remote control system, built with Aarcomm’s PNUT radio platform, has been designed for industrial mobile equipment, such as hydrovac excavators, concrete mixers and pumps, and truck mounted cranes. Each system is customized to meet your exact requirements.

Trident delivers on what really matters

The Trident system covers all the bases, so you can get on with the task of getting the job done:

  • Reliability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Safety
  • Simplicity

We understand the importance of keeping your operation running without costly hold-ups and keeping your team safe. So when we designed the Trident, we made this top priority.

Rugged industrial radio controls beyond all expectations

Designed to withstand harsh, all weather environments, the Trident ergonomic wireless hand-held units have a waterproof rating of IP67. In your world, poor weather conditions are unavoidable, and despite this, the job has to get done. So we’ve designed the Trident to operate even when it gets wet or is dropped in water, in cold icy conditions (-40°C), and in exceptionally hot climates (+75°C).

The Trident housing enclosure is constructed using ruggedized hardened plastics (a blend of polybutylene terephthalate and polycarbonate, offering good chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures, and heat resistance). The Trident is virtually un-crushable—this provides you peace of mind that your Trident can withstand the harshness of your work site.

Slim-line hand-held units that offer ergonomic comfort

Handling the Trident radio remote control is truly a unique experience—it fits like a glove. Its slim-line design means it’s easy and comfortable to hold and operate with just one hand, which makes for a much more productive environment allowing operators to multi-task with their free hand.

The Trident’s control features are positioned for easy access to improve speed and efficiencies, and its two intelligent LCD panels provide additional information to keep operators on top of the job. When we designed the Trident hand-held unit, we kept in mind worksite conditions, and we designed the hand-held unit without mechanical moving parts (such as joy-sticks). It’s a unit that easily withstands the inconveniences of mud, water, sand, grit, and much more—this reduces system failures and the need for maintenance, and significantly increases life expectancy.

Powerful technology advancements

The Trident is built with Aarcomm’s PNUT radio platform and is the result of a team of seasoned industry pioneers bringing decades of hands on experience to the table. It incorporates multiple technology advancements that mean better efficiencies for your operation.

  • Enhanced range—Trident’s advanced radio frequency technology, based on Aarcomm’s PNUT radio platform, provides for increased ranges and more powerful signal penetration that can operate through physical barriers.
  • Two LCD displays —these unique and useful displays provide an intelligent method of communication with your system and can be user configured. E.g., Use to label system buttons, or for systems alerts.
  • Two-way communication—controls and monitors the equipment simultaneously—the PNUT radio platform enables sending and receiving of data. This unique and useful feature means your hand-held can be customized to satisfy your precise needs.
  • Multiple unit pairings—allows up to four hand-held units to be paired as part of your Trident system. If you misplace one, or have multiple operators on the job, it’s easy to manage by having more than one unit on the ready at any time. Additionally, new units can be paired within seconds.
  • Vibration feedback* for efficient operator management— this feature cuts down on the need to look at the hand-held unit and saves time. The unit can be programmed to deliver a variety of vibration modes to accommodate different feedback alerts and can be user configured or set up at the factory.
  • 125-hour battery life—sealed, fixed, and waterproof battery offers low battery hand-held display warning. In many instances, hand-held units can operate up to one month without recharging.
  • Wireless charging technology — Your Trident system can be recharged wirelessly using a dash mounted cradle that is directly connected to vehicle power.
  • Unique motion sensing technology—tracks user hand movements to control proportional functions, such as speed up or slow down. Trident’s ergonomically designed motion control (patented) provides improved accuracy never experienced before in the industry. This feature can be configured specifically to your application or optionally disabled.

An industrial radio remote control so powerful it often replaces the need for a belly-pack

The Trident industrial radio remote controls are so well-designed that in many circumstances it can perform all the functions of a belly-pack and replace the need.

User configurable systems

Configure the Trident’s many features and functions right on your premises—program it by yourself using the LCD displays and buttons on your hand-held unit. It’s as easy as programming your smart-phone. And up to 90% of the industrial radio remote control system programming can be done on your hand-held unit by following the system prompts. For more complex programming, you can plug the hand-held into your computer using a USB cable, download the software from Aarcomm, and follow the menu driven directions. This time-saving feature significantly decrease the amount of time units need to be out of use for minor tweaks, and it increases the flexibility and efficiency of your system. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to configure the Trident yourself.


Speedy industrial radio remote control delivery

Our goal is to get a new Trident systems into your hands as quickly as possible. We’ve incorporated modular hardware and programmable software into our systems, so they can be customized and delivered to you in days. In fact, orders for 1 to 20 standard Trident units can be shipped next business day.

Exceptional industrial radio remote control service and warranty

Aarcomm understands the importance of working closely with our customers. We offer our clients direct access to our service support, design, and engineering teams and a two-year, no-questions- asked, warranty. We guarantee you won’t find a more friendly and accommodating supplier.


Feature summary

  • Two-way radio with dual LCD displays for machine feedback
  • 3D motion sensing technology
  • Easy programming interface for sparing
  • > 125 hr battery runtime with wireless charging
  • 900MHz or 2.4GHz FHSS with up to 1000m (3500 ft) range
  • Proprietary anti-jamming algorithm
  • Haptic feedback
  • 20 I/O combinations (PWM, Current, Voltage, Analog, Digital)
  • Optional CAN interface
  • IP67 waterproof rugged enclosure
  • Pitch and catch operation

Contact us today to learn how the Trident radio remote control technology can reduce operational downtime and save you money.